Sunday, February 19, 2017

MTC - Week #7: I'm Super Happy and Ready to Serve!

What happened on the following days?:
Wednesday - 
P-day happened! It was real fun. We got new kohai. They are all really cute little missionaries and they make me feel real old. 
We got our legit tags!! :) it is pronounced Hesu Shimai. 

Thursday -
We had snoooow! We just kind of ran out the door and took selfies. 
These two elders caught us and we asked them to jump in. They are both serving Salem. 

Friday -
We did an English fast. We spent the whole day speaking only in Japanese. There were times when it was super frustrating, but we did pretty good. I only lasted from about 6:30 to after lunch. But! I spoke in Japanese. It made the reality of Japan seem much more doable. 

Saturday -
I have the first vision, the purpose, and half of the baptismal invitation memorized! It's safe to say I feel pretty awesome. I am constantly making new friends here and I love it. It helps me get used to talking to random people, which is good practice as a missionary. 

Sunday -
I spoke in Sacrament meeting about Enduring to the End. They said I spoke so fast in Japanese that my once 3 minutes talk was a little over a minute. Yeah! Sister Seeman and I taught Relief Society. At the end of the lesson, I was struck with a phrase. Enduring sounds so difficult, a lot of pain and discomfort. And, somewhere in the scriptures, it tells us that enduring actually means remaining steadfast. The phrase is "Steadfast to Salvation." Catchy, no?

Monday -
We have two Nihonjin Shimaitachi that came in with our kohai. I ran with sister Zundell (the blonde sister below... love her) and when we walked our cool down, I started to talk with one, Ezaki Shimai, all about our families and missions. It made me way more confident in my Japanese even though I was super  NOT perfect. 

Tuesday -
Sister Zundell. She is from California. 
Sister Dionisio. She is from Portugal. :)
We sang in the devotional. It was an awesome devo about how lucky we are to be born now. We saw a video that is only shown in the Palmyra visitors center. Then we practiced for the Thanksgiving devo. We are singing Come Thou Fount and I had a C in my chest voice! WOOH!

What has been your biggest challenge this week?Having charity. A number of weeks ago, we were challenged to pick a Christlike attribute and I chose charity. It seems like when I told Heavenly Father that I was trying to be more charitable that suddenly He is giving me all the opportunities! 

What has been your biggest concern?
I think I have a small amount of anxiety about leaving in 11 days, but I am doing good!!! I'm super happy and ready to serve!

What has been your biggest success?
Today, we went to the temple, and the two Japanese sisters were there, their first time. The temple worker was trying to communicate, but sister Utsuyama looked at me and told me "wakaranai" which means I don't understand. So I asked if them if they wanted me to come too. So I got to be a kind of translator for them. I love them so much! If I can love people this much after a few hours just helping them with a couple sentences, I can hardly imagine the love I will have for the ones I teach about the gospel. I'M STOOOOOKED!

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?
Sister Ezaki. She is just so sweet and so understanding. If all the Nihonjin are like her, I have nothing to worry about :)

What are you looking forward to this coming week?
Thanksgiving. We have a service project, a musical devo and a special devo and lots of food. Mostly, I'm excited to get one week closer to JAPAN!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!

How has your testimony grown this week?
I know that God takes care of His servants and that being grateful brings blessings. I have tried to be more grateful as well as charitable, and it seemed everyday I got a letter or a package! Shout out to Mom and Brooke Wilde!! It was amazing. 
I was running out of the no show socks. They just kept disappearing and one of the two pairs I had left got huge holes in them. I had no more to wear. I decide to just push through it. I come back from lunch and see two packages waiting for me. In one was some of the no show socks!!! #shukufukushimashita (blessed)

I love you all. Thank you for the letters and packages! The church is true. I know it! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

ヘス・姉妹 🇯🇵💛

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