Sunday, February 19, 2017

MTC - Week #4: Whom the Lord Calls, the Lord Qualifies

What happened on the following days?:
Wednesday - 
P-Day. Did laundry. Went to the temple. 

Thursday -
It was a long day. I'm going off of my journal. All it says is we taught. 

Friday -
We taught Fuchino san again. I went in with no notes. He asked questions and I was able to answer! It was awesome.

Saturday -
We did our second interview. I was supposed to interview McDorman Shimai. I felt with her I should get to know her first. I asked about her family and her goals and aspirations. You know? The basics. And we got to a lull after I had asked and the Spirit told me that she had something more to say. So I did. I told her that. She started to cry and told me how scared she was. She is super quiet and didn't know if she could go up to people on the street. So I got to be to her what Brother McCune was for me! I felt awesome. 

Sunday -
Sister Seeman and I taught RS. The topic was Repentance. We prayed beforehand and I felt that we should focus on music as she was praying. But I figured it was better to let her get to that conclusion. She looks at me and says "we should look up hymns!" So we did. It was an awesome lesson. Study the song "Where Can I Turn For Peace." It is excellent!!

Monday -
Awhile ago I was reading in the モルモン書 (Book of Mormon) and I read about how the people fasted in gratitude. And considering it was Halloween and sacrifice brings blessings, I decided I would fast in gratitude. It was so hard. But my day was great!! :)

Tuesday -
Yesterday we sang at the Devotional when President Nelson spoke. We sang Praise to the Man. 

What has been your biggest concern?
I have been working on being patient. It's hard. But I feel like through Christ and prayer I have been getting better. 

What has been your biggest success?
I still sang, as I was trained, in choir.

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?
Jesus. I have been reading Jesus the Christ. It is excellent!!! It makes me so grateful for Him ❤️ and I know when I am frustrated and can't go to you, I can go to Him. :)

What are you looking forward to this coming week?
One week closer to Japan. Yay!

How has your testimony grown this week?
I know that the Spirit prompts us for us. I know that blessings when given by proper priesthood are from God. Age doesn't matter! Experience doesn't matter! Whom the Lord calls the Lord qualifies! 

ヘス・姉妹 🇯🇵💛

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