Sunday, February 19, 2017

MTC - Week #3: I Know this for a Fact

Being an STL is super fun. We do interviews with the senior companion every Saturday night and, according to the handbook thing, we are "the missionaries for the missionaries." It's a cool calling! I like doing it even though our Sundays are kind of sucked away due to meetings.

What has been your biggest challenge this week?
    taking things so personally. I just internalize so much and I am working harder on laughing at myself. 

What has been your biggest concern?

   Sister Ohki. She has been going through some hard things. This whole week both Seeman Shimai and I have noticed that when she was with others she was very happy, but when she was alone, she would be very quiet and looking a little sad. I remember being alone with her in our residence before bed and I just felt the need to ask her how she was doing. When I did she answered, "I'm fine. How are you?" I felt kind of dumb asking after because it wasn't like it had any huge impact. A couple of days later, she opened up to me and Quispe Shimai about the things she has been struggling with. She had received a blessing for it, but it didn't make her decision any easier. She just sat and cried and told us. I gave her a quote that Quinlan gave me that said "it is okay to cry because you are human. Just remember to pick yourself up and move on." or something to that effect. It brought us much closer. :)

What has been your biggest success?

    I woke up Thursday morning, I think (all the days are blurred together). But we were supposed to be teaching Fuchino San. Our plan was to teach him about the Restoration, dispensations, prophets, and the Priesthood. I was in charge of the dispensation and prophets aspect. 
   We had that morning to prepare for our English lesson. I had been praying really hard to feel the Spirit through our broken Japanese. I got the impression, to base the lesson more on him. So as I studied, I used the pamphlet a lot. I used the scriptures, but I felt that I needed to explain prophets better. I was hit with an analogy. Fuchino San likes soccer. The coach is like God. The team captain is like the Prophet. The coach and the captain talk and then the captain tells the rest of the team! GRATEFUL FOR SOCCER! It seemed to make a lot of sense to him. and right before I used that analogy, we read Amos 3:7. He wanted to know what that meant, and Heavenly Father had provided me with the perfect answer! REVELATION IS REAL!!!!!

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?

   There have been so many. Brother Aggett, the choir director, his daughter just came home from the Texas McAllen Mission. I super asked if he would find out if she and Gannon know each other. That was a huge blessing. And every rehearsal is like a mini devotional.
   The other one that stands out in particular, is Jesus. Yesterday, I decided because we had no lessons to prepare for, that I would focus my day on Christ. I was reading Jesus The Christ. I love that book. Then, an hour into that, Ohki Shimai sent the district a link to this article called "the Perfect Lie." If you have the means, I highly recommend looking it up. It is SO choice! It was more about the Atonement. Then we had class and then food and then choir. In choir, we sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth and we learned more about Christ's Atonement. I learned that even if you only learn a little bit a day, you will be closer to Christ. The thing that brought me closer, was hearing that the Holy Ghost could have just told Christ how to succor people in certain instances, but that Christ chose to feel everything so that He would know personally and perfectly how to help us. ALSO! Look up the story entitled "The Room." IT IS SO GOOD!!!!

What are you looking forward to this coming week?

   Choir. Learning more about Christ. You know. Same ole, same ole.

How has your testimony grown this week?
   Iesu Kirisuto wa watshitachi no sukuinushi da to shitte imasu. Iesu Kirusto wa watashitacho o aishiteimasu. Soshite, Iesus Kirisuto no Aganai wa Iesu Kirisuto no erabumashita. Iesu Kirisuto o sumu da toshite imasu. Watashi wa fukuin o aishiteimasu. Iesu Kirisuto no mina ni yotte, o akashi shimasu, amen. 
   Also, another quick story in English. We were teaching Takase Kyodai (aka Suzuki San) and it was just a spur of the moment lesson, where he was teaching us how to encourage people to pray because in Japan, that is weird, I guess... And so Seeman Shimai and I did it. I went with no notes. There was no time. It was literally right after he announced what we would be doing. I talked the most. I don't remember a lot of what I said, but in the end, he told us that he felt pushed, but not pressured, which made me feel really good!
I know that Heavenly Father will bless us with the gift of tongues when we have prepared and are worthy. I know that what I told Takase Kyodai wasn't my words, but God's. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! THOMAS S. MONSON IS A PROPHET! God listens when we pray! I know this for a fact.

-Hess Shimai :)

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