Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MTC - First Day

I've never heard of a missionary contacting his/her family on the very first day in the MTC, but sure enough...at 10:15pm on October 5th, I was checking my email, and there it was:

I have survived my first day! I am so tired, but the Gift of Tongues is real. My companion's name is Seeman Shimai. She is from San Diego and she is super cool. I brought too much haha whoops! I love you lots! I already love the work! The Church is true!
-Hess Shimai :)

It was SO GREAT to hear from her!

I was super surprised to hear that she'd taken too much. ;) Her bags were surprisingly both underweight when she flew out of Portland. As one who served in the same mission she's heading to, I know you can't get away with taking one season's worth of clothing--like her older sister did as she headed to the Philippines. She had to take things for the coldest winter as well as the hottest summer....She's good and set. 

After this email, I learned that this seems to be a new norm for the MTC. I had learned from a number of parents that they'd received an email from their kids. The only thing I wished she'd included was a clue as to when her P-day would be and when we should be receiving our first official email. :)

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